Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthdays: Four Alarm

The traditional birthday card gets kicked up with four alarm flair: black linen stock; layered full-color, high gloss pictures; and recipient’s name printed on the front for a true custom look and feel.


Inside text can be left as-is or changed to include inside jokes, special age milestones or any desired wording.


Full-color, hand-made envelopes are printed with sender and recipient name/addresses for maximum impact right from the mailbox. Envelope also available with a large, single name printed in the center for in-person giving.


Option A: $10.00 (+tax, $2 shipping)

Card & envelope mailed to sender

$10 + tax and $2 shipping charge

Option B)

Card stamped and mailed directly to recipient

$11.00 + tax

(Photos of the completed project are emailed to the sender.)

To order:


Corporate: Clearfield City

Better than a generic welcome letter on bland letterhead, Clearfield City used recognizable landmarks and individualized greetings to welcome new Planning & Zoning commissioners.


Oversized, glossy postcards made a “wow” impression straight from the mailbox.  The result was a heart-felt, high-impact, completely personalized message that still kept down costs.


It’s saying

Thanks for your willingness to serve in our community

like you mean it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stitches Are Lame

What better way to say surgery is lousy than with a little sympathy and humor.

Knee Replacement?





Shoulder Surgery?


Also lame.

This design can easily be adapted using your photos and your recipients illness or injury.

Matching commiserating envelopes complete the look.



$10.00 for card and envelope.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

Three fun Father’s Day pieces inspired by my favorite frame designs! Orders accepted through:

Thursday, June 10th at 6:00 pm.

Option1: $12.00

Tea length, flat panel design matted on black linen stock. Printed mailer or presentation envelopes included. Four photos in color or black/white.



Your greeting appears beneath the photos.


Option 2: $10.00

Square, flat panel design. Available with black or white matting. Vellum overlay can be removed for long-term viewing of the photo beneath. Available with either a single photo or grouping of four pictures. Message is printed on the back. Your choice of full-photo or mailing envelopes included.


Black version


With vellum removed (below)


Your message is printed on the back


Also available in white-on-white matting


Comes with your choice of a pre-addressed mailer envelope


or full-photo presentation envelope.


Option 3: $11.00

Square card tucked inside a cute, cut-away frame wrap in either black or white linen stock. Front photo can feature a single picture (right) of grouping of four in color or black/white (left). Your choice of full-photo or mailing envelopes included.



To order, please email me with the following information:

Card option number, printing choice (color or black/white photos), envelope choice (mailer or full-photo), and your pictures! I’ll take it from there! Proofs will be emailed for your approval on Friday, June 11th so that orders can ship out Saturday, June 12th.

Shipping is $2.00 to either mail your order to you or to send it directly to the recipient (photos of finished pieces will be emailed to you for orders mailed by me.)


Corporate Appreciation: Clearfield City

100_3412 Appreciation pieces for two out-going Planning & Zoning commissioners.  Design features the city building and recipient’s name.

100_3417 Inside right panels feature the city logo, recipient and a message from the commission and city staff.  Room at the bottom is for department head and chairman signatures.  Left panels were left blank to allow additional members of the commission and staff to sign.


100_3455 Pieces were wrapped in black linen kaleidoscope envelopes with a vellum belly band and logoed clasp.

Appreciation: Sean’s Accident


Thank you notes for the surgeons, hospital staff and friends who helped us through Sean’s accident.


The inside message personalized for each recipient.


Coordinating envelopes keep the color and font selections consistent.

100_3263 Saying thank you like you really mean it … even times ten.

Mother’s Day 2010


Cute mini cards (5”x5”) with flying vellum butterflies!


Coordinating vellum petal envelopes with a sweet butterfly closure. 


(Closed view of the petal envelope) 


Fun cut-outs for the back of the envelope. 


A little note of explanation tucked with the card in the mailing envelope.