Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keepsake Books: Administrator Guy!

Faster Than A Speeding 206-er ...
This project was a blast! I had so much fun working with the parent/teacher group (PAC) for CER High School to create a mixed media comic-style keepsake for out-going principle BK. Principle BK was loved by the teachers, staff, students and community. After six wonderful years, he was leaving to accept a position as superintendant of a small school district along the Washington coast. The PAC members wanted something funny and poignant--sincere, yet light-hearted--to celebrate their time working with B and wish him well on his new assignment. PAC member S said that because Principle BK was very athletic and funny, other PAC members and staff had joked that they should send him off with a speedo and sunblock! Instead they opted for a sand bucket, shovel ... and a Nike Peterson Designs keepsake.

PAC members emailed me links to the district website for information on the school and pictures of BK. I also found photos online of the front of the school, school activities and spirit wear retailers. I was inspired by commercials in recent years that have used mock-heroes and plastic dolls. After submitting sketches to PAC member S, she approved the idea of a mixed-media comic style book using pop-art renderings of a "Pseudo Hero." The title came immediately-- ADMINISTRATOR GUY--balancer of budgets, defender of discipline, master of staffing! To create B's keepsake, I printed off images from plastic dolls and layered them with printouts of CERHS spirit wear and Principle BK's head. The look was deliberately over-the-top and chronicled the adventure of Administrator Guy (AG) leaving his current position to rescue a school district in peril. The pages in the keepsake show AG flying past notable state landmarks on his way to his new assignment. The final page included a tribute message from PAC with space around the edge for all of the members to sign. The finished keepsake was presented to Principle BK at a going away banquet. BK loved his keepsake and read the whole thing to the group during the presentation.

Fun Facts
Ah .... the good stuff. The tab for Principle BK's keepsake was:
250 - glue tabs
41 - ft double stick tape
32 - hand cut doll characters
28 - sheets linen cardstock
23 - text panels
21 - hours production time
18 - background panels
10 - finished comic book pages
2 - yds. black quilting thread
1 - custom made AG mailing pouch
1 - inch industrial black velcro for closure
1/4 - bottle Elmer's
1/4 - inch finished width + cover

(Complete project pictures available in the Private Client Gallery at Nike Peterson Designs.)

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