Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keepsake Books: The Greatest of These Is Love

Another project, another amazing story.

T and L were step-sisters from age six to eleven when their parents divorced. They are very different and live thousands of miles apart, but have stayed in touch all of these years. L and her husband were struggling with infertility and realized that their only chance for a successful pregnancy was invitro fertilization using donor eggs. T offered to donate eggs and both of their families started the long, complicated and ultimately successful process. L's beautiful son and daughter were born earlier this year! T wanted a keepsake for L (and for her niece and nephew) to celebrate this labor of love and explain the reasons "why" both families went through this whole process.

T gave me the link to L's blog and I literally spent days reading and rereading L's posts on her journey towards fertility. I really wanted to get a better understanding of how she felt and what T's egg donation meant to her. I was so moved by L's honesty and openness about a very private topic. I came away from reading her blog filled with how much love was both given and received throughout this process. I also felt that I needed to know more about T's side of the story in order to finalize my proposal. T has a very deep and powerful testimony of God's love for her and L and shared how much her trust in Him guided her decision to donate her eggs for L. T's faith coupled with the love that both of these sister had for each other kept bringing to mind the scripture in 1 Corinthians 13 about LOVE (NIV) / CHARITY (KJV). The inspiration for the page designs came from L's nursery: pink/brown/blue polka dots, tic-tac-toe quilts and beautiful prints from Mary Jack Studios. Photos of T and L, the egg picture and wonderful baby photos by Tamera Eagars Photography.

Fun Facts
It always fun (and a little crazy) to add up all of the hours and materials to produce each keepsake. T's book for L required the following:
500 - glue tabs (at least!)
171 - digitally cut polka dots
121 - digitally cut letters / embellishments
110 - handcut pieces (flowers, diamonds, etc.)
98 - feet vario double stick tape
80 - panels (bases, mats and text)
42 - inches of checkered ribbon
37 - hours production time for the finished product
35 - sheets 80 - 110 lb. linen / smooth card stock
24 - digitally cut designs (harlequin background, tree foliage)
18 - inches of fossil broadcloth
18 - mitered border pieces
17 - stitched items
10 - yards quilting (and finish) thread
7 - hours for the mock-up
5 - inches muslin for binding
1 - yard 1.5" wide chocolate ribbon for the closure
... and a partridge and a pear tree!

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